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What Stores/Businesses in Gaithersburg Offer Great Customer Service... Tell Us, We Want to Know..

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When was the last time someone offered to help you while you were trying to make a purchase? Have you ever walked up to the counter to pay for something only to have the checker completely ignore you and even carry-on a conversation with someone else? Do you get annoyed when the person that is waiting on you is speaking in another language with someone else? Good customer service must still exist somewhere. We'd like to hear about stores and businesses that take pride in providing excellent customer service. We want to honor them with public acknowledgement and some very nice gifts to those businesses.

If you've had some good customer service… we want to know. We'd also like to know about your bad experiences so we can warn others about this business. Any store that receives a bad notice in this section will be contacted by us about the report from the public of bad customer service. We may be able to help improve a business' customer service by telling them about how people really feel about their business. You can do a service to the community by telling us about good, or bad service you have received.

Beginning in October 2005 will draw a name each month and provide the winner with a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the business of their choice.

You can also send us email at:

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