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MISSION STATEMENT: Provide a low cost way for businesses to get their message to the local community of Germantown, Maryland using the Internet, whether they have a web site or not.

"Committed to building relationships for businesses with the local communities in Montgomery County, Maryland ".

We offer small businesses a proven way to use the Internet to market their products and services; NO WEBSITE required. PLUS, you get an added value; your membership page will be found in the TOP RANKINGS in Search Results. We've been able to prove this 90% of the time. Read some of our member client testimonials now. If you need a low cost way to advertise your business; then ShopGermantown.com can help you.

Start driving traffic to your business/store and your web site.

The local community marketplace is highly competitive. With Internet presence you can extend your marketing even further. ShopGaithersburg.com, ShopRockville.biz, and ShopBethesda.com offers you the opportunity to extend your marketing reach with membership in our online Business Association.

ShopGaithersburg.com launched August 15, 2002 and was embrased by the local community immediately. ShopGermantown.com launched November 5, 2002 and continues the popularity of local Internet communities.

ShopGermatnown objectives are to build relationshsips for businesses with the local community. We offer our members the opportunity to promote their business as part of a local group and keep expenses low while providing professional marketing, advertising and promotion services.

Your membership has value. See the benefits of membership in ShopGermantown.com now.
You don't need to have a web site to join ShopGermantown.com.
Looking for a low cost way to advertise your business. We can offer you low cost advertising opportunites on ShopGermantown.com

We welcome your comments and suggestions. This web site is part of the larger group of local advertising websites belonging to Shopping Portals there are currently 6 more local Shopping/Business/Merchants Associations online. Charter Memberships for ShopRockville.biz have closed. We are accepting Charter Memeberships for ShopSilver.biz, merchants will receive ongoing discounts on memeberships once the site is launched to the consumer marketplace about January 2021. Please send email to shops@shopgaithersburg.com.

Call Shop Portals at 301-417-9066 today, or send us email at shops@shopgaithersburg.com to learn more about how you can get your business listed with this new exciting online shopping portal.

Here is a link to review some web sites created by JL Palfrey. We can design a new Responsive web site for you if you are considering this kind of markting tool. Your site can be live and delivering new business within 35 days for a very reasonable cost.

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ShopGermantown.com is a local community website devoted to helping you find local businesses and services for all your needs.

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Gaithersburg & Germantown Chamber of Commerece
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I can't tell you how impressed I am with the traffic I have received through your web site. My own web site has produced no business at all. Yet my single page on ShopGaithersburg.com has gotten me 5 new clients immeidately.
Arlene Hale - Hale Accounting, Gaithersburg, MD

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